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Sardinian wines are produced everywhere in Sardinia; here the vineyard is an integral part of the landscape.

The typical Mediterranean scrub alternates with vineyards that allignano both near the sea and in the innermost areas that are hilly or flat, thus originating products with the most varied organoleptic characteristics.

Peculiarity of the wines produced in Sardinia is the productive variety but also the strong territorial characterization.

Three elements contribute to making identifying Sardinian wine production: the soil, the particular climate combined with the wind that blows Sardinia throughout the year and from all directions and, of course, the influence of the sea.

These elements contribute to favoring viticulture with intensive type plants (suitable for low yields), allowing for high quality wine production.

Some Sardinian wines are strong and structured, others fruity and mineral, others still fresh and savory.

Many fragrant nuances and as many different structural components make Sardinian wines versatile, suitable for the most varied food and wine combinations.

Piero Canopoli