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I viticci sono fondamentali per la crescita e sopravvivenza delle piante rampicanti, come la vite. La natura, nella sua complessità, riesce sempre ad ispirarci, anche nella nostra semplicità..Una stretta di mano, un abbraccio, un legame fraterno, un legame d'amore.

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Vermentino di Gallura

Vermentino Gallura. The protagonist of this story stops in front of an expanse of low shrubs, in the distance the sea, and remains dazzled by the myriad of colors that open up before him. Smell the wind-lashed air and it's like ...

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White Wine | Vermentino di Gallura | Murales cellar

White wine

White wine is obtained from soft squeezing of white or red grapes. Following the immediate removal of the same, particularly if colored, or for certain wines of greater value, a short maceration, in order to obtain a wine fruit from ...

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Red wine

In the collective historical imagination, wine par excellence is red. Most likely the first wines produced were red, as the practice of separating the pulp from the peel was not yet known. Red wine is produced only with grapes ...

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Viticultural Biodiversity Murales cellar

Viticultural biodiversity

In Sardinia there is a remarkable viticultural biodiversity that colors Sardinian geography in both major and minor varieties (many of which are being recovered). Viticultural biodiversity. Among the most cultivated there are, in order of planted area: the…

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