Vermentino Gallura.

The protagonist of this story stops in front of an expanse of low shrubs, in the distance the sea, and remains dazzled by the myriad of colors that open up before him. He sniffs the wind-blown air and it is as if he is breathing the sea. He bends down to pick up a handful of earth and sees what his future will be like in a dream. His thought takes him back there to the time of the child, down there where dreams mingle with reality.

The protagonist of this story exists suddenly and almost without realizing it materializes in a new dimension, unthinkable and unexpected for him that day, the day of the new birth.

The protagonist of this story he is sitting, in absolute silence, on the edge of one of his vineyards in Vermentino in Gallura and is staring at his land. He has plenty of time to rethink the beauty that fills his senses, senses that have tasted for a lifetime the desire for a return.

He did not know what to expect that afternoon when he reached Gallura, but the dream of living this land that had long called him was about to come true.

Here he found a natural paradise, able to surprise him with rocky mountains in the midst of the granite dust of the dirt roads, wild forests of Mediterranean scrub, olive trees, sumptuous cork trees and Vermentino vineyards

It did not take him long to grasp every nuance of the landscapes and, without ever planning too much, he caught the essence of his future when, on his way, he met severe custodians of the territory who indicated and narrated his origins.

So he chose when and where to stop. He cannot imagine a place on earth where in the morning you can witness the magical territorial struggle between ancient cultures, where you can contemplate the sunrise and sunset on its Vermentino rows which, on the horizon, reflect the golden colors of the fruit. Impossible to describe everything in words, Gallura must be lived and explored, just like he did, and will always be able to surprise you.

What is Gallura like? Intense place, easy to describe even if complicated in its essence; there is a bizarre energy that is exhausted in the work in the vineyard and in the magical moment of the harvest, around large clusters of Vermentino perhaps in search of divine energy, perhaps wide open to receive it .... they seem to be able to read his intimate. Change the look .... and a myriad of colors pass before him, scattered everywhere, like sensations and emotions.

Gallura is a place without words, of freedom, full of colors in the vineyards of Vermentino, with many different facets to distinguish.

Gallura is present in the looks, in smiles, in curious eyes. You never get tired in this subcontinent, in front of the immensity that is perceived in a place so simple and full of life.

For Sardinians, as good "static" habits, time seems never to pass. Most of them live in silence, even if in the middle of everything. They have no frenzy to do, to organize every minute of life, they are not afraid to stop to think and, in those moments, they seem to manage to rise and leave their social status ... simplicity ... the perception of time.

Yes ... we can say it ... Gallura makes you want to discover and to experience pure perfumes and emotions, without precluding anything and trusting one's own sensations, even if, at times, these can be deceptive.

Let's meet in the cellar and we will listen to his every word, to discover, through the wines, the result of the magic work.

Piero Canopoli