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The Harmony

Reflections on wine.

It is not enough for me to say Wine! Just say MURALES.
Nice experience to hold this glass in which many forms condense around an experience that contains and is contained in it: the experience of wine, which, by crossing biological and cultural elements becomes emotion.

Thus began a chain of events made of communication, desire, expression, action of emotion and thought that cannot be stopped, a sequence that recalls the birth of life.

Reflections on wine.

On this reflection, with this glass in hand, I find myself tasting and combining those colors, with perceptions and experiences that caress the desire of the Wine in the mystery and in the magical dimension of balance: Perfumes, Flavors, Evocative Memories and then ... more ...

It is as if we found paradise.
I imagine you talking about our wine around the table, which from now on will flood history. Let yourself go to a sensitive, enveloping reality, which is described in the flavors and aromas lulled by the tenuous pleasure of existence and you will slip into knowledge and in the end there is only HARMONY.

Piero Canopoli