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Red Wine Murals

Red wine. Murals dress in red with Nativo Isola dei Nuraghi, Thousand years Isola dei Nuraghi, Arcanos Cannonau di Sardegna DOC and Ai posteri Isola dei Nuraghi.

The creation of the red wines of the Cantina Murales has involved a considerable commitment in which the contribution of nature has certainly had the dominant role.

Red Wine | Murales Cellar | Gallura
Ai Posteri, a high quality red wine

Also due attention to the various passages that in the cellar have imposed me long waits, long macerations and fermentations, meticulous care and numerous tastings able to capture the extraordinary evolutions of the wines.

The personalities of the various wines, originating from different vines, if initially retracted, they were left to grasp over time, showing distinctive aromatic imprints and elegant and powerful, masculine but refined nuances.

The more complex red version, Ai Posteri, evolving, has revealed itself, in addition to a complex and velvety structure, also an aromatic extension of unexpected breadth in which, among the innumerable fragrant families, we also inebriate aromatic dominants that rarely they can gather, at least all at the same time, in a single wine: coffee, tea, chocolate, tobacco, china, etc.

Piero Canopoli