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Sardinian Wines Murales | Wine tourism in Gallura

"Lumenera" Vermentino di Gallura DOCG Murals.

Piero Canopoli, Giuliana Dalla Longa and the Cantina Murales.

Vermentino Lumenera. “I love Vermentino in all its nuances, especially the one produced in Gallura, I find it has an edge. For heaven's sake there are good ones everywhere, especially in Lunigiana. During my holidays I have often been to Sardinia and I have tasted many many exceptional some good ones.

But I want to tell you about Piero and Giuliana Canopoli, who have transplanted to this paradise in Olbia, a stone's throw from the unforgettable sea of the Costa Smeralda, the mega yachts and the elegant sailing boats that "decorate" Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo.

Sardinian Wines Murales | Wine tourism in Gallura
Sardinian Wines Murales | Wine tourism in Gallura

Just this return to an older and ancestral dimension, together with the indisputable beauty of these places, was one of the reasons that pushed the couple who owned the company, Piero Canopoli and his wife Giuliana Dalla Longa, to move with his whole family from Varese to Olbia and to create together this little jewel, in addition to the Sardinian origins of the family and their ancient bond with the territory. their wonderful.

Vermentino LUMENERA it is an out of the ordinary and opulent wine. Vermentino di Gallura harvested late, its realization stems from the desire to experiment with new production solutions and the desire to deal with other realities.

Sustained by the intervention of oak as a refinement, which is barely noticeable, it gives it a full, soft and round pulp. The sensations expressed on the nose are very rich and complex.

White Wine Lumenera - Cantina Murales
White Wine Lumenera - Cantina Murales

Color: intense golden yellow.

Perfume: Variety of very high sensations, three different categories of perfumes emerge, from dried fruit, to spicy notes with sensations of remarkable persistence, from honey to resins to close with complex hydrocarbons.

Flavor: Harmonious, body of great elegance and concentration pleasantly confirms the olfactory sensation in a soft progression in full roundness. Great continuity of sensations and retro-olfactory gratifications. Resin, fruity and spicy hints are overpowering.

Serving suggestions: Very structured fish dishes such as caciucco, cod, blue fish, all grilled meats and spicy dishes.

Piero, a graduate in oenology, winemaker and professional sommelier since the 1980s, founded BUONITALIA in 2001, a training center for professional Italian sommeliers of which he is also a teacher.

In 2002 he became a winemaker consultant and winemaker for various wine projects in Central Europe, in particular in Romania, an activity that he still continues to conduct.

In 2007 he creates with his wife Wines Murales, continuing to collaborate in Italy with many professional sommelier associations.

Giuliana has also always dealt with wine: Perito Sommelier-Gourmand and Professional Sommelier ASPI (whose head office in Sardinia is a founding partner together with her husband and coordinator for the Olbia-Tempio Pausania area), organizer of food and wine events not only on the island, but also in the rest of Italy.

We came several times in this wonderful and above all convenient reality: 10 minutes from the airport, as many from the Emerald coast and as many from Arzachena, surrounded by greenery housed in 7 small houses called "stazzi".

The restaurant of the inn, the result of a restoration that has been able to interpret the original structure respecting and enhancing it, is a rustic but elegant place with an informal and welcoming atmosphere.

The dishes, cooked with products from the local farms, are simple and at the same time refined and represent our commitment to promoting Sardinian food and wine through quality and authenticity.

Wine tourism in Gallura | Murales cellar
Wine tourism in Gallura | Murales cellar

But when you enter the cellar entrance, in reality, you find yourself catapulted, almost for a sudden unexpected charm, in a bucolic, relaxed and peaceful dimension, which brings you back to the earth, the vine, the colors, the scents and the countryside life.

Piero took me to his new plants in Sant'Antonio di Gallura.

They were built with intensive technology (13.5 ha) and completed in 2016.

They will allow him to increase production (the yield per vine will produce a maximum of 800 grams of grapes), thus enriching the extractive concept and the link with the terroir and above all it will allow the creation of new wines with red grapes: Carignano and Bovale.

From the old vineyards, located in a favorable position (about 25 ha), most of its highly selected grapes come from which the 100,000 bottles produced annually are obtained ".

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